The Writing Center services include:

  • One-to-one Coaching
  • Custom Workshops
  • Push-In Support
  • Online Feedback

One-to-One Coaching:  In our one-to-one coaching sessions, a student seeking help on their writing work will come and suggest a peer tutor to work with or work with whomever is available at the time. The students will come to us and share their drafts to us and we will read and revise  the assignment thoroughly together  with the rubric and suggest some changes that we can make to improve your writing to make it more powerful and interesting.  If the student is just getting started we will brainstorm ideas or discuss organizations and format. If the student is done with their paper and ready to turn it in, we will proofread it. We ask you to take notes during the coaching sessions so that way next time you will know and understand how to revise your own paper.


Custom Workshops: In our custom workshops, The writing center staff will work together with the teacher, and they will work to create a specific curriculum based on what the class is working on or on the skill that the class needs to work on. We will collaborate with the teacher and the class to ensure that every student is learning the skills that is required for the assignment.

Push-In Support: Our Push-Ins are when a teacher request The Writing Center staff to go into their classroom as writing instruction specialist and discuss some techniques and tools that are used to improve and strengthen the writers writing. We model feedback between two writing specialists and then open it up to questions from the students. Students are then asked what they noticed during the session, and what went right and needed to be changed.

Online Feedback: With our online feedback, we provide similar features to the One-on-Ones, but it is all done electronically. This way, if students cannot physically come to the Writing Center, we can provide online feedback. They will be paired with a tutor either by their request, or they will be randomly paired with a tutor. We will try and provide feedback between 24-48 hours. This can be requested by a teacher or a student.