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Stand Together, Break the Silence

In November of 2016, everyone was anxious to see who was going to be elected as the President of the United States. The students and staff of Manual High School were especially anxious seeing as Manual is a predominately black and brown school. Donald Trump had been known for his racist comments against Mexicans and Black people and for promising to deport as many immigrants as possible. Pain, stress, and anxiety was inflicted on the students when it was announced that Trump had won. On Nov. 18, youth activists at Manual High School welcomed the community to an evening of performance and dialogue including spoken word poetry, storytelling, monologues, and songs from performers of all ages and backgrounds. Students and community members were able to speak out about how the election impacted them and how they felt. Having expressed their feelings so publicly, they showed other people and especially other students that it’s alright to have negative feelings, to be scared, and to be in pain because they are not and will never be alone.

Now What? The Next Four Years

Letters Of Love

When people think of February or Valentine’s day, they think of their spouses or their boyfriend and girlfriends but the writing center didn’t want to stop there. We wanted people to express their love and passion for their family and friends, hobbies or anything that they care about. A handful of students were able to write letters with some help from the writing center and share it with a room full of students and teachers. Tre confessed his undying love for black history, Nancy shared the passion of a soon-to-be-mother and left everyone on the brink of tears, Carlos and Savanna used insults to show how much they care for one another, finally, Leah warmed everyone’s hearts when she put her feelings for her boyfriend into words. Love letters may be considered old fashioned now but the adorableness of the act was definitely able to shine through.

47 Days